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From the Vault: ‘The Brotherhood of the Wolf’

Very loosely based on the legend of the Beast of Gévaudan — a man-eating animal of unknown origin that terrorized the French countryside in the late 18th century — the historical drama (for lack of a better term) Brotherhood of the Wolf is a gonzo blend of about a half-dozen disparate genres that somehow works as a … Continue reading

First James Bond ‘Skyfall’ Trailer Arrives

An attack on MI-6 and Bond’s familial estate, Javier Bardem as the villain, the re-introduction of Q, Ralph Fiennes appearing as well — oh man, this is going to be good:

This Week’s Special Screenings

The Texas Theater and CBS Radio present a free outdoor Spanish-language screening of the Shrek 2 (2004), at dusk on July 29, at Memorial Crawford Park. Details The Magnolia’s The Big Movie films series concludes its two-part Disaster! series with a screening of the epitome of the disaster movie, The Towering Inferno (1974), 7:30pm, July 31, at the … Continue reading

30 Years of Dick on Film

Colin Farrell is currently starring in Total Recall, a loose remake of the 1990 classic starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, itself a loose adaptation of a short story by Philip K. Dick (1928-82). One of the most visionary and influential speculative fiction authors ever, Dick’s works revolved around themes of the boundaries of identity and reality, and … Continue reading

Movie review: ‘The Watch’

The premise was promising, but in execution The Watch is a tepid dude comedy wrapped around an anemic science fiction plot. Ben Stiller is the leader of this particular wolf pack, starring as Evan, the manager of a local Costco store who has intimacy issues with his wife Abby (Rosemarie DeWitt, the latest in Stiller’s chain of unlikely screen … Continue reading

Movie review: ‘Silent House’

  In their debut film Open Water (2003), husband-and-wife filmmaking duo Chris Kentis and Laura Lau established a knack for building suspense and genuine fear by depositing hapless everyday folks into a hostile and unforgiving environment. They carry that experience forward with Silent House, a home-invasion thriller built around a gimmick and a twist, either … Continue reading

Superman ‘Man of Steel’ Teaser Arrives

The first official teaser footage for Man of Steel, director Zack Snyder’s shot at re-invigorating Superman for the movie-going public, is now online. Many have expected the trailer to be a trimmed-down version of the clip recently shown at the San Diego Comic Con; rather, it appears to be an almost entirely different clip. The … Continue reading

This Week’s Special Screenings

The Texas Theater resumes its Tuesday Night Trash series with a free screening of the martial arts extravaganza The Dragon Lives Again (aka Deadly Hands of Kung Fu, 1977), 9:15pm, July 24, at the theater. Details The Magnolia’s The Big Movie films series kicks off its two-part Disaster! series with a screening of the all-star epic The Poseidon Adventure (1974), 7:30 and … Continue reading

Movie Night for July: America — Fuck Yeah!

The venerable free magazine Lit Monthly has updated its online edition with the contents of its July issue, which means another installment of my mind-bending Movie Night column is now available online. Click on the photo to read about some great American movies.

Movie review: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

It’s the Batman movie we need, though whether it’s the one we want depends on what one expects. Director Christopher Nolan co-writes once more with his brother Jonathan (Memento and the past two Bat-movies), taking the audience into some unexpected places as they wrap up their take on the character’s mythos, throwing us some curveballs … Continue reading

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