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Movie review: “Triple 9”

There’s a lot of appeal in the idea of Triple 9:  It’s a gritty crime drama about a couple of good cops caught in the machinations between a bunch of dirty cops and Russian-Israeli mobsters boasting an all-star cast, a no-holds-barred director, and an Oscar-winning composer. Sadly, the final product is a murky, inert movie. The needlessly … Continue reading

Movie review: “Deadpool”

Deadpool may be the comic book movie spoof to end all comic book movie spoofs. It playfully and cleverly deflates the conventions and cliches of superhero flicks — as well as its own damn self — with the snarky, sadistic glee of a stoned fanboy who’s binge-watched too many Chuck Jones-era Looney Tunes. No cow is too sacred here, and … Continue reading

Movie review: “Hail, Caesar!”

Joel and Ethan Coen make a welcome and long-awaited return to comedy with Hail, Caesar!, a slap-happy valentine to the Technicolor heyday of Hollywood that lands somewhere between the trippy brilliance of The Big Lebowski and the goofball parable of O Brother, Where Art Thou?. It is a lighthearted yarn that goes down easy like the old-fashioned popcorn pictures it so lovingly spoofs. … Continue reading

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