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Swords of Doom: Our Favorite Samurai Films

Keanu Reeves has kinda, sorta re-invented himself as a purveyor of old-fashioned martial arts flicks, having recently made his directorial debut with Man of Tai Chi and by starring in the upcoming 47 Ronin as an avenging samurai. We here at Movie Ink are suckers for a good samurai movie (a bad one will do in a pinch, … Continue reading

From the Vault: ‘Six-String Samurai’ (1998)

Ordinarily, mixing aspects of samurai movies, westerns, post-apocalyptic science fiction, faux ’50s kitsch, and rock and roll icons into a single low-budget road movie is a pure and simple recipe for disaster; yet writer-director Lance Mungia managed to (mostly) sidestep the pitfalls of such a bizarre hash and deliver what quickly became a textbook cult … Continue reading

This Week’s Special Screenings:

The Texas Theater’s monthly Pata Negra Spanish film series returns with a screening of Belle Époque (1992), 7pm, November 4, at the theater. Details Wolvereeeeens!!! The Texas Theater also presents screenings of the Cold War action (ahem) drama Red Dawn (1984), 9:15pm, November 4, at the theater. Details Cinemark Theaters and Paramount Studios continue their Reel Classics series with Steve McQueen, James … Continue reading

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