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Movie review: ‘Drive Angry 3D’

Drive Angry 3D is one of those giddily trashy, gleefully self-obsessed movies that defies critique — in the conventional sense, at least. Not that that’s a bad thing; in fact, it’s so absurdly trashy and ridiculously over-the-top (on purpose, mind you) that if you don’t outright hate it, you’ll flat-out love it. Nicolas Cage, whose … Continue reading

Depth Perception: A 2-D Look at Some 3-D Classics

In honor of its 15th anniversary, Titanic — James Cameron’s mega-blockbuster that forever redefined mega-blockbusters — will receive the 3-D conversion treatment when it is re-released in select theaters this week. Ironically, thanks primarily to the success of Cameron’s equally blockbusting Avatar, it seems like you can’t throw a brick at a megaplex these days without hitting … Continue reading

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