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Movie review: ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’

Fledgling director Marc Webb displayed promise when the bumpy but enjoyable Amazing Spider-Man hit the big screen in 2012. It was rough around the edges — the tone was all over the place and the plot was not always a smooth ride — but the enthusiasm and creativity were there, and talent and chemistry of Andrew Garfield … Continue reading

Movie review: ‘Dom Hemingway’

He’s his own worst enemy and the kind of guy you love and hate in equal measure, a man you want to smack some bloody sense into but don’t because it’s likely a body part or two will get ripped off by him; and in Jude Law’s capable hands, Dom Hemingway is a lunatic bastard with the … Continue reading

Movie review: ‘Transcendence’

Transcendence could have been a good movie — it certainly tries — but it’s chock full of ideas that are beyond first-time screenwriter Jack Paglen’s ability to explore and develop, and cinematographer-turned-director Wally Pfister doesn’t yet have the chops to compensate for such shortcomings. In the end, it comes across as a half-baked TED talk, and … Continue reading

Movie review: ‘Oculus’

An atypical horror movie that could have been great but instead settled for mediocrity and recycled tropes, Oculus is a frustrating near-miss. By focusing less on gore (though there’s still enough on display to meet minimum requirements) and more on its characters and intriguing premise, it sets up gripping tale — and then it runs … Continue reading

Movie review: “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”

A little darker and more serious than Marvel Studios’ other movies to date, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is an impressive action-drama that proves that superhero sequels can be worthwhile. Bigger and bolder yet tightly focused in terms of story and character, it shakes up the Marvel Cinematic Universe and pushes the boundaries of what … Continue reading

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