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New ‘Man of Steel’ Trailer Arrives!

The new trailer for Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot has gone online, featuring some emotionally charged footage that actually, finally, gets us a little excited about this project:

‘Iron Man 3’ Teaser Trailer Arrives

Marvel has posted the first official Iron Man 3 footage for public consumption, featuring some tease images of Tony Starks ne Mark XLVII armor and Ben Kingsley as the film’s protagonist. This installment, with Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) replacing Jon Favreau as director, finds Iron Man/Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) challenged by a shadowy menace … Continue reading

New ‘Hobbit’ Trailer Arrives

The new trailer for the first film in Peter Jackson’s (now) trilogy based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s novel went online today. Footage includes sneak peaks of Sylvester McCoy as Radagast the Brown, a glimpse of Gollum, Richard Armitage of Thorin, and appearances of returning players Ian McKellen, Cate Blanchett, and Hugo Weaving. Take a look:

First James Bond ‘Skyfall’ Trailer Arrives

An attack on MI-6 and Bond’s familial estate, Javier Bardem as the villain, the re-introduction of Q, Ralph Fiennes appearing as well — oh man, this is going to be good:

Superman ‘Man of Steel’ Teaser Arrives

The first official teaser footage for Man of Steel, director Zack Snyder’s shot at re-invigorating Superman for the movie-going public, is now online. Many have expected the trailer to be a trimmed-down version of the clip recently shown at the San Diego Comic Con; rather, it appears to be an almost entirely different clip. The … Continue reading

‘Robocop’ Remake Teaser Goes Online

It won’t hit theaters until next year, and filming hasn’t even started yet, but yesterday MGM and Sony began a viral marketing campaign for its Robocop reboot in order to earn some cred for what many fans consider a pointless remake. The OmniCorp site features a one-minute faux ad video that serves as a bare-bones teaser … Continue reading

‘Django Unchained’ Trailer #1 Now Online

Fans of Quentin Tarantino have been waiting anxiously for footage from QT’s latest project ever since it was announced last year. The western stars Jamie Foxx as an ex-slave who sets out to rescue his wife (Kerry Washington) from a sleazy plantation owner (Leonardo DiCaprio), with the aid of a bounty hunter (Chritoph Waltz, who … Continue reading

New Trailer for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

The new viral marketing campaign for The Dark Knight Rises has kicked into high gear with an elaborate stunt. All around the world, chalk markings of bat logos were left in public for fans to fin, photograph, and send to a special Twitter account. With each new photograph, a new frame of the trailer was … Continue reading

Full-Length Trailer for ‘Prometheus’ Has Arrived

After wetting our appetites with a tantalizing teaser trailer as well as an enigmatic three-minute clip featuring Guy Pearce, 20th Century-Fox finally delivers some cinematic red meat with a jaw-dropping full-length trailer for Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated pseudo-prequel to his influential sci-horror classic, Alien. Check it out here:

See the First Four Minutes of ‘Iron Sky’

Blind Spot Pictures has released the first four minutes of the science fiction comedy Iron Sky on YouTube in a bid to work up early buzz — as if a comedy about the invasion of Earth by an army of Nazis from the dark side of the moon was apt to fall through the cracks. Directed by … Continue reading

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