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Movie review: ‘Boyhood’

Writer-director and indie darling Richard Linklater has never been one to shy away from unconventional projects; the philosophy primer Waking Life, the ambitious animated science fiction drama A Scanner Darkly, the Before trilogy, and the pseudo-true crime dramedy Bernie all bear the mark of a filmmaker playing with form. Which is why Linklater’s ambitious drama Boyhood is … Continue reading

Movie review: ‘Convento’

An unusual, lightly surreal, and unorthodox documentary by Jarred Altermann, Convento takes an unconventional approach that accentuates its subjects, and never exploits them. The short doc (roughly an hour in length) follows the Zwanikken family (mother Geraldine and her sons Christiaan and Louis) as they farm a vacant, 400-year-old monastery in Portugal. They’ve lived there since the … Continue reading

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