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Movie review: ‘The Possession’

The Exorcist-Lite with a Hebrew twist, The Possession is an earnest attempt at a family drama masquerading as a horror movie, one that is ultimately rendered toothless by overly familiar tropes and a emasculating PG-13 rating. Part of The Possession‘s gimmick is that it is allegedly based on a true story, one that is much more interesting than the … Continue reading

Movie review: ‘Cosmopolis’

A tale told without sound or fury, nor signifying much of anything, Cosmopolis is a surprisingly inert film from writer-director David Cronenberg. It’s at least a step up from his previous project, last year’s A Dangerous Method, possibly the unsexiest and least-kinky movie about sexual deviance ever made). Whereas that movie was content to sleepwalk through its … Continue reading

From the Vault: ‘Hardware’ (1990)

A minor cyberpunk achievement and major cult classic, Hardware is a daring exercise in sex, violence, rock and roll, and nihilism that makes up for its shoestring budget and rough edges with inventive filmmaking and cleverly realized vision. Based on a story from the British science fiction-themed comic book 2000 AD and set in a post-apocalyptic future … Continue reading

Movie review: ‘Lawless’

A robust gangster drama with a kick like the white lightning that fuels its plot, Lawless manages to find a new take on old material, thanks largely to an ideal cast and strong source material. Director John Hillcoat (The Road) reunites with fellow Aussie and bad-boy musician, author, and occasional screenwriter Nick Cave to adapt … Continue reading

This Week’s Special Screenings:

The Texas Theater presents a screening of a 35mm print of The Wizard of Oz (1939), at 4:30pm, August 26 at the theater. Details The Texas Theater presents a screening of the mods vs. rockers musical Quadrophenia (1979), TBA, August 31, at the theater. Details The Magnolia’s infrequent Great Directors Go to War film series continues with a screening of Stanley Kubrick’s chilling look … Continue reading

Lone Star Film Fest Announces 2012 Honorees

Veteran producer Albert S. Ruddy and Texan singer-songwriter Billy Joe Shaver will be honored at the 2012 Lone Star Film Festival, scheduled for November 7-11. Ruddy will receive the LSFF Achievement in Film Producing Award and Shaver will receive the Stephen Bruton Award at the 2012 LSFF Ball on  November 8 at the Fort Worth Convention Center. … Continue reading

Movie review: ‘Premium Rush’

A lean and efficient action thriller, Premium Rush is a nuts-and-bolts B movie delivers its cheap thrills without pretense or apology, and after a summer of lackluster movies punctuated by big-budget comic book spectacle, it’s downright refreshing. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (The Dark Knight Rises) stars as Wilee, a law school drop-out working as a daredevil bicycle messenger … Continue reading

Movie review: ’50/50′

Director Jonathan Levine’s 50/50 is one of those rare movies that pulls off a feat of narrative tightrope walking, in this case a comedy-drama about a young man with cancer that manages to be thought-provoking and insightful without being melodramatic, and funny and irreverent rather than woefully inappropriate or safe. Joseph Gordon-Levitt continues his career ascendancy … Continue reading

This Week’s Special Screenings:

The Texas Theater presents a rare screening of a 35mm print of the classic art house horror flick Possession (1981), 9:30pm, August 19, at the theater. Details The Dallas International Film Festival and the Texas Independent Film Network present a screening of the comedy Searching for Sonny (2011) at 7:30pm, August 20, at the Angelika Film Center. Writer-director Andrew Disney in attendance. Details … Continue reading

Ensemble Drama ‘Parkland’ Gets Greenlight

According to a report in Variety, Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman will produce the indie ensemble drama Parkland for their production company, Playtone. Journalist and screenwriter Peter Landesman (Trade) will make his directorial debut on the project, which covers the events leading up to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas on November 22, 1963. The title … Continue reading

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