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Movie review: “Justice League”

It’s truly difficult to not pity the beleaguered Justice League movie. The long-awaited comic book team-up flick arrives with low expectations thanks to the twin dumpster fires of Batman V. Superman and Suicide Squad, plopped down in the combined shadows of the half-dozen or so other, better comic books flicks that dominated the year. It’s … Continue reading

Movie review: “Wonder Woman”

Warner Bros. and DC Comics score a much-needed win with Wonder Woman, a refreshingly sleek, adventurous, endearing, and even timely superhero flick that manages to be what the first entries in DC’s movie universe have not: fun. The character debuted in 1941 as part of a wave of patriotism-inspired comic books heroes who emerged in the … Continue reading

Movie review: “Suicide Squad”

It was a flawless premise in theory: an adaptation of a comic book series in which a team of low-level super-villains are pressed into going on deadly, off-the-books missions in exchange for time off for sort-of-good behavior, written and directed by the talented David Ayer (End of Watch, Fury) and starring a gaggle of A-listers, … Continue reading

Movie review: ‘Man of Steel’

Aside from the Batman franchise, Warner Bros. has been behind the curve in developing a cinematic universe for their own superheroes; the owners of scores of fan-favorite characters, they’ve developed little else recent years beyond the misfire Green Lantern and a rejected pilot for a Wonder Woman TV series. Although Man of Steel falters in the final reel, it raises … Continue reading

Movie review: ‘Green Lantern’

The ongoing march of the comic book movie genre stumbles a bit with Warner Bros.’ sporadically entertaining adaptation of the slightly obscure Green Lantern. It’s not the fiasco early reports would have you believe, nor is it as engaging as the recent Thor or X-Men: First Class. Generally affable Ryan Reynolds stars as Hal Jordan, a hotshot test pilot … Continue reading

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