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Movie review: “Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation”

After the one-two punch of Mad Max: Fury Road‘s art house approach to action movies and Ant-Man‘s low-key thrills, it’s tempting to expect Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation to feel un-hip and outdated two minutes in. It comes as a pleasant surprise that the series’ cartoon spy-fi lunacy still plays, that leading man Tom Cruise can … Continue reading

Movie review: “Trainwreck”

Amy Schumer and Judd Apatow do the world a long-overdue favor by zinging the hell out of the ubiquitous “Professional Woman Who Tries to Have It All and Find Romance in the Big City” rom-com formula, and do it with style, wit, and energy. The trope has been ripe for subversion for some time, and  Schumer … Continue reading

Movie review: “Ant-Man”

It doesn’t re-invent the superhero movie or reach heights of Marvel’s top movies to date, but Ant-Man deserves its due: It’s more fun than a movie about a guy who shrinks and communicates with insects theoretically should be. That’s not intended as a backhanded compliment. Marvel’s capstone for its so-called Phase Two slate of films is well-timed, … Continue reading

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