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Movie review: ‘Oz the Great and Powerful’

Director Sam Raimi’s trademark kitsch is sadly reined in for the choppy but diverting prequel Oz the Great and Powerful, and for the most part so is the heavy-handed eye candy that has become par for the course for this sort of material. (See: Tim Burton’s take on Alice in Wonderland — or better yet, don’t.) There are … Continue reading

29th Annual KidFilm Festival

The USA Film Festival presents the 29th Annual KidFilm Festival on January 26 and 27 at the Angelika Theater. The oldest and largest children’s film festival in the United States, its programming will include a variety of live-action an animated feature films, as well as a tribute to author and illustrator Peter H. Reynolds, who will sign … Continue reading

Movie review: ‘ParaNorman’

Visually stunning and emotionally charged, the stop-motion feature ParaNorman is a surprisingly heavy bit of family entertainment — and that’s saying a great deal about a ‘toon starring a kid who sees dead people. It’s more Coraline than Sixth Sense, however, but with a great deal to say about the virtues of tolerance. Norman (voiced … Continue reading

Modern Art Museum FW presents ‘Modern Summer Kid Flicks’ Series

We here at Movie Ink are contentedly childless mole people, but our keen powers of observation have taught us that keeping adolescents thoroughly amused during a lot hot Texas summer is of paramount importance to any parent who wishes to stay sane until the school year starts. Some relief has come via the Modern Art Museum … Continue reading

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