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Movie Night for June: The Prehistoric Marvel Age of Movies

The latest installment of my trend-upsetting Movie Night column for Lit Monthly has posted on their website. Click on the photo to read about the first time Marvel Comics went live action with their shtick, and the mixed results that ensued. (I promise I’ll be off the superhero kick after this… ‘cept maybe when the new Batman movie … Continue reading

Movie Night for May: Return of the Worst Superhero Movies

Another installment of my award-unwinning Movie Night column for Lit Monthly has posted on the magazine’s website. Click on the photo to read about more of the worst comic book flicks ever made.

Movie review: ‘The Avengers’

Highly anticipated by fanboys and casual moviegoers alike ever since it was alluded to in a post-credits  tag in Iron Man four years ago, The Avengers is a glorious combination of action, comic book adventure, and four-color character drama that not only lives up to the loftiest of expectations, it stomps them flat and raises the bar … Continue reading

Super-Zeroes: 11 of the Worst Comic Book Movies Ever Filmed

The long anticipated Avengers will hit theaters this month, and The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man are right behind it. Over the course of the past decade, comic book-themed movies have become huge box office bonanzas; however, for every Dark Knight, X2: X-Men United, and Spider-Man 2, there are scads of comic book-themed … Continue reading

Movie review: ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’

One of the most enjoyable (albeit more light-hearted) WWII action movies this side of Where Eagles Dare, Captain America: The First Avenger is superhero spectacle by way of Band of Brothers with a dash of The Raiders of the Lost Ark. Clever, brisk, and patriotic (but not jingoistic), it’s one of the better comic book movies … Continue reading

Captain, My Captain: One Hero’s Bumpy Film History

[UPDATED] Captain America: The Winter Soldier made an impressive $200 million worldwide during its opening weekend, and the Marvel Age of comic book movies continued unabated. (See our review here.) The movie proves that the star-spangled franchise has legs; it was also Cap’s eighth live-action appearance (including Captain America: The First Avenger and The Avengers). Don’t feel out of the … Continue reading

Movie review: ‘Thor’

For better or worse, comic book-themed movies continue apace, and have become a full-fledged genre in their own right. With the latest offering (the first of four assorted superhero flicks scheduled for release this summer), Marvel Studios delivers a creative, enjoyable, fast-past movie. Based on one of the company’s hokier characters, who in turn is based on Norse … Continue reading


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