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This Week’s Special Screenings:

The Kimbell Art Museum and Lone Star Film Society present a rare public screening of the recently restored complete original version of Fritz Lang’s influential silent-era sci-fi epic Metropolis (1927), 2pm, October 21, at the museum. Details The Magnolia’s Big Movie film miniseries presents a screening of William Friedkin’s thoroughly frightening The Exorcist (1973), 7:30pm, October 23, at the theater. Details The Texas Theatre’s … Continue reading

Movie review: ‘Wuthering Heights’

With her suitably bleak and decidedly oblique adaptation of Emily Brontë’s classic novel, Academy Award-winning filmmaker Andrea Arnold (“Wasp”, Red Road) delivers a Wuthering Heights that is as cold and distant as is it lush and atmospheric. Anyone with a prejudice against Gothic melodrama isn’t likely to have their minds changed here. For all that’s … Continue reading

This Week’s Special Screenings:

The Dallas Museum of Art and the Dallas Goethe Center present a screening of the documentary about the final fate of the Berlin, After the Fall (1999), 2pm, September 16, in the museum’s Horchow Auditorium. Details The Magnolia continues its Challenging Autuer film miniseries with a screening of Jean-Luc Godard’s stunning drama Vivre Sa Vie (1962), 7:30 and 10pm, September 18, at the … Continue reading

From the Vault: ‘Hardware’ (1990)

A minor cyberpunk achievement and major cult classic, Hardware is a daring exercise in sex, violence, rock and roll, and nihilism that makes up for its shoestring budget and rough edges with inventive filmmaking and cleverly realized vision. Based on a story from the British science fiction-themed comic book 2000 AD and set in a post-apocalyptic future … Continue reading

Movie review: ‘Kill List’

Part thriller, part fever dream, British director Ben Wheatley’s genre mash-up Kill List is a shocking, unsettling, forceful work that plays like the missing link between The Wicker Man and Angel Heart by way of Get Carter. Jay (Neil Maskell) is a suburban British husband and father who’s been unemployed for several months. Since then, he’s been bickering with his Swedish wife Shel … Continue reading

This Week’s Special Screenings

The Magnolia’s monthly 50 Years of Bond! films series continues with a screening of Goldfinger (1964), 7:30 and 10pm, July 10, at the theater. Details The Texas Theater resumes its Tuesday Night Trash series with a free screening of the science fiction comedy-exploitation classic The Lost Empire (1985), 9:15pm, July 10, at the theater. Details Cinemark Theaters and Paramount … Continue reading

Movie review: ‘The Iron Lady’

A tale told in broad strokes, The Iron Lady is an average biopic grounded by yet another award-winning performance by Meryl Streep, who this time transforms herself into controversial Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in a performance that deserves a better movie to inhabit. It’s a very loose biography, framed by an inordinate amount of screen time set … Continue reading

Movie review: ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 2’

After seven movies in ten years, the Harry Potter film franchise comes to a bittersweet but satisfying conclusion in the form of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: Part 2. It delivers the pay-off that the plodding first part so selfishly promised but declined to deliver, and rewards the years of dedication and anticipation that … Continue reading

Movie review: ‘Attack the Block’

It’s a good thing Attack the Block opened in the UK back in the merry, merry month of May 2011; its scenes of a squalid section of South London reduced to a flaming war zone might not have played too well in British megaplexes during the riots that erupted last Spring. On this side of … Continue reading

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