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Movie Night for May: Return of the Worst Superhero Movies

Another installment of my award-unwinning Movie Night column for Lit Monthly has posted on the magazine’s website. Click on the photo to read about more of the worst comic book flicks ever made.

New Trailer for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

The new viral marketing campaign for The Dark Knight Rises has kicked into high gear with an elaborate stunt. All around the world, chalk markings of bat logos were left in public for fans to fin, photograph, and send to a special Twitter account. With each new photograph, a new frame of the trailer was … Continue reading

Movie Night for April

Another installment of my award-unwinning Movie Night column for Lit Monthly has posted on the magazine’s sexy website. Click on the photo and learn why exactly I have no interest in procreation.

Q&A with David Mamet

Back in January, I was fortunate enough to interview writer, director, playwright and all-around cool guy David Mamet for the upcoming Spring issue of Heritage Auctions’ in-house periodical, Heritage Magazine for the Intelligent Collector. It was a quick Q&A for the recurring back-page feature “Passions with…” (sounds tawdry, I know). We discussed his collection of firearms … Continue reading

Full-Length Trailer for ‘Prometheus’ Has Arrived

After wetting our appetites with a tantalizing teaser trailer as well as an enigmatic three-minute clip featuring Guy Pearce, 20th Century-Fox finally delivers some cinematic red meat with a jaw-dropping full-length trailer for Prometheus, Ridley Scott’s highly anticipated pseudo-prequel to his influential sci-horror classic, Alien. Check it out here:

See the First Four Minutes of ‘Iron Sky’

Blind Spot Pictures has released the first four minutes of the science fiction comedy Iron Sky on YouTube in a bid to work up early buzz — as if a comedy about the invasion of Earth by an army of Nazis from the dark side of the moon was apt to fall through the cracks. Directed by … Continue reading

‘The Avengers’ New International Trailer

On the heels of last week’s release of a full-length trailer for the mega-anticipated The Avengers comes yet another teaser, this time a two-minute trailer for the German market featuring two scenes not included in ads here stateside. (Downside: They’re dubbed in German.) Go nuts here.

My Favorite Martians: A Look at the Red Planet on Film

In 1910, Thomas Edison debuted a four-minute silent short film titled “A Trip to Mars”, kicking off a century-long, on- and off-again love affair between moviegoers and our sister planet. With the 90-day Mars Exploration Rover Mission mission now in its astounding ninth year, the increasing discussion of a manned mission to Mars as a … Continue reading

Movie Night for March

The latest installment of my ongoing Movie Night column for Lit Monthly has posted on the mag’s recently (and quite nicely) revamped website. This time I take a look at some classic films from the silent era. Click on the photo read more.

Read our ‘Coriolanus’ review at Theater Jones.

Ralph Fiennes makes his directorial debut tomorrow with a daring and unconventional adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Coriolanus. The fine folks at Theater Jones have posted my review of it, which you can read here.   – 30 –

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