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Human Rights Docu Weekend at the Texas Theatre

The World Affairs Council, the Texas Theatre, the Human Rights Watch, the Dallas Film Society, and the Embrey Human Rights Program at SMU for Human Rights present Human Rights Weekend, a two-day program of documentaries at examine global struggles against governments and institutions, June 8-9, at the Texas Theatre.

The series will feature:

You Don’t Like the Truth: 4 Days Inside Guantanamo (2010), 7:30pm, June 8.  A previously unseen encounter between a team of Canadian intelligence agents and a child detainee in Guantánamo. Based on seven hours of video footage recently declassified by the Canadian courts, this documentary delves into the unfolding high-stakes game of cat-and-mouse between captor and captive over a four-day period. Maintaining the surveillance camera style, this film analyzes the political, legal, and scientific aspects of a forced dialogue.


The Green Wave (2010), 3pm, June 9.  A documentary-collage illustrating the dramatic events and the people behind the 2009 Green Revolution in Iran. Facebook reports, Twitter messages, and videos posted on the internet are included in the film composition, and hundreds of blog entries served as reference for the experiences and thoughts of two young students whose story runs through the film. In cooperation with Shahrvand Publication.


Impunity (2010), 5:30pm, June 9.  Since the 1960s, a desperate civil war has been raging in Colombia between state forces and FARC paramilitary guerilla units, particularly para-militias such as the AUC, which have inflicted a huge amount of violence on the civilian population. The Commission for Peace and Justice called upon the militias to hand in their weapons and give themselves up voluntarily in exchange for reduced sentences. Political scientists analyze the AUC’s double agenda as well as the questionable actions of the government. In cooperation with the Colombian Association.

Tickets are $25 for all three screenings ($20 for seniors), and $10 ($7.50) for individual screenings.

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