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Movie review: “Nocturnal Animals”

Visually stunning, often chilling, and occasionally clunky, fashion designer-turned-filmmaker Tom Ford’s Nocturnal Animals is a stronger sophomore effort than most. It’s a Texas Gothic crime thriller sutured to a potboiler melodrama about the existential despair of L.A. socialites in a David Lynchian fashion — though with less surrealism and more coherence. Make of that what you will. … Continue reading

Movie review: “Blair Witch”

The first found-footage horror flick, The Blair Witch Project (1999) never really lived up to its potential as a film or a franchise. The concept and the mythology behind it were solid, but like its ill-fated cast the movie ran around in circles before coming to an abrupt and unfortunate end. It had barely scratched the surface of its … Continue reading

Movie review: “Miles Ahead”

An impressive but slight portrait of one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century, period, Don Cheadle’s passion project Miles Ahead presents a provocative portrait of the jazz giant, but doesn’t quite go deep enough into what made the man tick.That’s not meant to damn it with faint praise — hell, at times it’s even breathtaking; it … Continue reading

Movie review: “Knight of Cups”

Muddled, aimless, indecipherable, and shallow, Terence Malick’s Knight of Cups is one of the most insufferable slogs in recent cinema, a soul-crushing waste of a fine cast and some genuinely stunning photography by recent Academy Award winner Emmanuel Luzbecki (The Revenant). There was a time when Malick’s opaque style was a breath of fresh air in … Continue reading

Movie review: ‘Rosewater’

A strong debut film by The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart, there’s still some room for improvement in the earnest and entirely nonthreatening Rosewater. Some first-time filmmakers opt for going full-bore with their freshman work, laying on the style and emotion in sloppy layers as if the project were the only movie they were ever going to … Continue reading

Movie review: ‘Interstellar’

Christopher Nolan is a filmmaker’s filmmaker, a creatively restless soul who challenges both himself to push the boundaries of his skills and his chosen medium, as well as to challenge the notions of viewers who show up for his movies. This is largely a good thing; his films occasionally feel overstuffed, but never fail to make … Continue reading

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